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5 Reasons To Have Your Call Center On-Premise I DialApplet
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Some weeks ago, we told you the advantages of having a cloud Call Center solution, therefore this week we are going to tell you the other side of the story; 5 reasons to have your Call Center on-premise.

From out past experiences as providers of Call Center solutions, more and more customers are asking us which product, cloud or on-premise, is better for their business model.  Both products require a different type of implementation and infrastructure, however, both options are valid. Consequently, we tell you what are the benefits, characteristics and requirements of having your Call Center On-Premise.

An On-Premise software solution is a product where the software and hardware required for it to function is located in the premises of the customer. The companies that opt ​​for this solution, in general, must have specialized IT personnel which will be responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure and what it entails to ensure its proper functioning.

This solution also provides the ease of having the all the data clustered in its own facilities, develop customizations and provide full access to data and configurations, although an important point to keep in mind is that this type of solution requires a heavy initial investment in infrastructure, preparation and maintenance. That is why we have grouped into five the benefits of having your Call Center On-Premise.


The first benefit of an on-premise solution is its technology, since the technology of a Call Center in house resides in the company itself. This means that, both the execution and the administration of the hardware is carried out in the permises of the customer by an IT team which is totally dedicated to supporting the internal system. This gives the companies a greater control over the processing of data and information.


This first feature provided above generates a great impact on the security of our Call Center On-Premise. As we have mentioned, the technology of an On-Premise Call Center relies in the company itself. In this way, the company becomes the sole decision-maker regarding the backup and storage of the data, conceding to the company a total autonomy and control over them.


On-premise solutions require a heavy initial investment due, not only to licensing and preparation, but also hardware and maintenance. Even so, in the long term, on-premise licensing allows you to obtain it perpetually, being highly recommended for companies that have a stable number of agents for their campaigns. The maintenance of the solution guarantees the version updates to stay up to date and benefit from the new functionalities and improvements of the tool.

Within the acquisition of on-premise licenses there are two modalities; the purchase and / or the rent of them. The rent allows companies to pay for what they really need keeping the infrastructure acquired as long as it meets the minimum requirements to ensure proper operation of the software. Also, this option is very useful for companies that, although they have acquired on-premise licenses, need an increase in the number of agents at specific moments due to an increase in volume. To face this situation without the need to buy more licenses the client can opt for the rent solution.


Most of today’s contact center solution providers offer very good customization capabilities in their systems, however, On-Premise solutions present an advantage at this point.

When a company relies on an On-Premise solution, it gains more control over the data, hardware and software platform, being able to decide on configuration, updates and system changes.

To summarize, we could conclude that companies and organizations get a great return on investment thanks to the autonomy and control obtained by having an on-premise call center. Which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the customer service process.

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