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7 Advantages of a Cloud Call Center I by DialApplet
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Many companies ask themselves which are the advantages of a cloud call center. The current customers are each day more demanding, and this is why companies must optimize their IT existing ecosystem and dispose a technology that guarantees the best possible customer experience. The advantages of a Cloud Call Center offers the companies a tool to maintain their strategic position in a highly competitive environment.

Precisely, those companies that use in an efficient way the advantages of a Cloud Call Center manage to reach this level of optimization. It´s a kind of service based on the net, commonly known as SaaS (Software as a Service), by using a URL.  In this service, a provider has the technology needed to employ in a contact center. Offering, in this way their services remotely with a subscription model. It´s an innovating form of dealing with the customer’s requirements, offering an improvement of the interaction, an increase on the customer’s satisfaction and the detection of areas to optimize, being this some of the advantages of a Cloud Call Center, both in small or large enterprises, with exclusive dedication to the customer support, surveys or other kind of companies which require a call center.

So, which are the advantages of a Cloud Call Center and why should you implement it?

In these moments, in a highly competitive environment, what sets the difference between the different companies are those added services which are included in the product. Due to this, the growth of companies with contact centers that take advantage of a Cloud Call Center takes place. With this tool they achieve that their main point of contact with their customers has relation with a series of services that guarantee the continuous functioning against different adversities that may occur.

Also, having a tool that provides all those needs inside an organization can be very important, because it´s the main contact point with the customers, and it´s something that’s´ already in most of the customer support department of the companies. It´s cause of this that having a software for the customer support management in the cloud could be, in many times, the point of advantage to mark the difference between companies, due to the fact that it´s a tool that makes it easier to adapt to the changes in the environment, at the same time that it provides a save in costs.

The 7 advantages of having a Cloud Call Center.

  1. Doesn’t require a high initial investment nor the installation of new equipment, therefore, the direct costs are minor, as well as an increase in the productivity by the IT department of the organization.
  2. Flexibility and scalability. Being a service based on the net, you only pay for what you use and need, thanks to the subscription model. This is what characterizes a SaaS.
  3. Quick implementation. Agile implementation and start-up, thanks to the use of web interface.
  4. No worries about IT. You can dispense the hardware and maintenance because the software and infrastructure is already in the cloud.
  5. Security guarantee. High availability dedicated to the security in the cloud and a continued monitoring to avoid any cut in production.
  6. The contact centers, in general, usually use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which manage in a global form all the interactions with customers. These centers allow you to integrate with call center solutions in the cloud, in an agile and intuitive way.
  7. The cloud contact centers have the option of an intelligent monitoring over the operations, as well as the possibility of diagnosing and detecting irregularities in order to take proactive decisions.

It´s true that each day there are more companies that rely in a cloud solution due to the low initial investment, being important to look in the future and adapt the functionalities of the solution to the needs of the company. To conclude, the advantages of a Cloud Call Center can suppose an impulse in the quality of the organization, both at human and technical levels.

In conclusion, the added service offered to the customers, the needed attention in order to gain loyal customers to a business or organisation and those that once consume certain products or services don’t change due to all of the services associated to them should be noted between all the advantages of a Cloud Call Center.

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