Native support Vtiger

Different personalities from the world of Call Centers and Consulting have echoed the following news regarding the successful integration of DialApplet and the Vtiger CRM.

 To the date of 10 of June of 2013, the Spanish company DialApplet surprises us again with the presentation in Spain of the integration between the two softwares. After a wait of about 4 months finally the desired union took place.
With this new enhancement, Dialapplet has been able to mechanize and eliminate human intervention at the time of calling the CRM contacts, exporting through a simple click the Vtiger contacts list to a campaign of Dialapplet. All this has been possible thanks to Webservice, a module developed by the Spanish company.

The purpose of this integration is not to increase the pace of channeling, and therefore achieve better results in the same time interval. The main goal is to facilitate and expedite the process of communication with customers, which will translate into increased sales from the company that hires them.

And it is that 2013 is proving to be a successful year for DialApplet team. Recently they commented us the results of the presentation of their latest software version of Call Center at the Asterconference of Malaysia, and only two months after the event, Dialapplet surprises us again with a new upgrading.

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