Great success of the presentation of DialApplet 5.0 in Asia.

We are glad to inform you that the premiere of DialApplet version 5.0 has been a big success.

The representatives of European and Asian companies were very satisfied with the result presented in Kuala Lumpur, two weeks ago.

DialApplet has increased the scope of his solution with his additional benefits like the configuration of ACD or IVR transactional or the Leads attraction at Internet. We want to focus on the new Cloud business model. In this model, the Contact Center has just to optimize the productivity because the infrastructures are carried out by the service supplier. The Cloud platform is located in Asia, Europe and America. Moreover, deserves a special attention the harmonious performance of its six channels of communication. Every single channel is a key player of the perfect orchestration.

DialApplet is at the forefront of new technologies. Sophisticated product design and user-friendliness is the perfect definition of DialApplet solutions. The Cloud model includes all the functionalities of the sales model and furthermore has the advantages of this new model.

From small initial investor without knowledge or financial resources, to the big business with many years of experience in the sector is the daily DialApplet sale’s profile.

Certainly, they can be proud of their product, especially if they look back and realize the sharp growth over the past years.

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