We make available to the public the new suite 5.0 in Kuala Lumpur.

We are pleased to inform you that from May 8 we make available to the public the new suite 5.0. For the worldwide presentation we have chosen Kuala Lumpur, within the framework of the AsterConference Asia, April 30.

The main novelties are:

-Modular and native multichannel through unique queue.
-Desktop multi-channel and creation of a web thin client.
- 4 robots, one for every multichannel.
-Visual configuration of the ACD using web interface.
-Improvement of the contact rate of the Predictive Dialer.
-Billing of calls, multi-channel and staff costs.

In addition to the presentation in Kuala Lumpur, on April 26 we will make a preview in Istanbul. If you can not attend any 2 events, will be happy to make you a demo by remote control or through our network of partners.

Thank you and Best Regards

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