America Call Peru has chosen Dialapplet technology.

In the words of Nicolas Zagazeta, manager of the company: "The fact that DialApplet application has a familiar user-interface means that it is easy to learn and accelerates the rates of adoption in the enterprise.".

On the other hand  he also says: "Another important point is the support of third level provided from Spain, it seemed that DialApplet technicians were in Peru".

The project was led by the company StarTech Peru, specialized in Call Center solutions. Jorge Malca, commercial manager of the company, indicates: "The support of DialApplet is absolute in both technical and commercial terms.The strong point of DialApplet is the proximity of all their departments".  He also adds: " The solution is having a great reception in the Peruvian market thanks to  its friendly administration for users and their prices without competition".

Finally, Aida Barón, sales manager of DialApplet, says: "This is a clear example of the added value of DialApplet in software quality,added services,  start-up services and   production "

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