Sale of ecological oranges with Call Center Software DialApplet

Naranjas Ché automates the telephone management with our call center platform. With more than 10,000 customers, located in Sagunto (Valencia) it is dedicated to the sale of organic oranges to the final consumer, they do it through Internet, from their website and combine new technologies with the tradition of organic farming, selling throughout the national territory.

Che D. Guillermo Antelo says: "As our website is part of the work, the phone is an essential tool:

-          Enquiries from new clients, asking about varieties of citrus, prices, transportation, solution of questions that arise as you browse the page on internet, etc. 

-      Direct calls to buy lemons, oranges and clementines. 

-      Service to the customer for resolution of incidences of transport, delivery schedule."

Mr. Antelo describes the before and the after of using Dialapplet:

-      Before, 30% of calls were lost and not returned, now this problem has been lowered to 10% and 95% of these calls are called back.

-      Because of the overflow in full season, we had bottleneck in administration, now we can manage it efficiently.

-     We lost an average of a minute and a half per call, taking data, opening the tab of the client, etc. This operation is now made in 1 second.

Sergio Aparicio, CEO of DialApplet says: "It is a pleasure to work with Naranjas Ché and help SMEs to optimize their sales and provide them maximum efficiency in automating the sales process, thanks to our dialers such as predictive and progressive

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