Why to shift your Call Center or Contact Center to the cloud?

Cloud CallCenterSurely, like most companies, you are already using cloud services and you are obtaining the benefits:

You have reduced costs by moving to low operating costs, you have have reduced or eliminated the costs associated with a local application and have achieved a new level of flexibility and scalability that allows you to be more sensitive to the current market.

Then, why not move your call center or contact center to the cloud?

Moving your technologies of contact centers to the cloud can transform your call center from a cost into a revenue source center. In addition to the financial benefits, technology offering allows you to devote more time and resources to optimize your services through multiple channels and effect new business opportunities. You can allow to truly engage with customers, building relationships that benefit both you and them.

The rate of growth in this sector has been remarkable in recent years. Only a 2.2% in 2008 from call centers with infrastructure in the cloud, the market has grown approximately 35% in 2013.

Here are the 10 most important reasons why moving your Call Center to the cloud:

  1. No hardware required.
  2. No software upgrading costs.
  3. No initial investment.
  4. Simple integrations.
  5. Distributed agents.
  6. Scalability.
  7. Fast deployment.
  8. Pay-as-go /Pay-as-grow system.
  9. Size Flexibility for the call center or contact center.
  10. Low maintenance costs.

For these basic reasons and many more, Call Center and Contact Center are coming to the realization that moving to the cloud is a very attractive alternative.

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