The origin of Call Center

origen Call Center


The origin of the Call Center is linked to the invention of the telephone and the concept of the PBX, which appeared for the first time when Bell installed in New Haven telephone devices connected to a telephone system so that multiple clients would use it simultaneously.

In 1881, the year in which the Berliner pastry chef KRANLER offered by phone manufactured sweets, we can say that the Telemarketing was born, but really a telemarketing campaign got launched in 1962. That year, the Ford company commissioned a campaign to contact 20,000,000 people and get interviews for its sellers. Through this campaign, Ford sales increased considerably.

Regarding Spain, the origin of the Call Center is attached to the boom in mobile with Movistar, Airtel and Amena.

Analyzing Call Center from its origin until today, we can say that the Call Center industry has experienced tremendous growth. Thanks to the advances of technology and specialized tools, the Call Center can offer a service in real time to clients, thus meeting their demand and also increasing their sales.

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