Call Center Menu Bogotá by DialApplet 2 events on 26th and 27th, October. - Bogotá Plaza Hotel, 100 #18A Street – 30

We are aware that the schedule of companies are busy. Therefore Dialapplet has created a new event so that they can be informated about the latest developments of the sector.

This Call Center Menu comes from our experience after of organising worldwide events based on our knowledge about the Call Center for example in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Turkey and Malaysia.

In this event we wish to combine the current industry themes with a pleasant and fruitful atmosphere for networking. And what other better way than offering to know the last innovations of the sector appeals while one enjoys a good meal. 

We invite you to taste our "Call Center Menu", where we will exchange ideas, share experiences and discuss technological practices and the current need of the Call and Contact Center in an personalized event limited to 12 people.

Next dates and places for Call Center Menu in Kuala lumpur are: March, 8th, located in Kuala lumpur Royale Bintang, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara (11th floor). In order to confirm your assistance to any of the thtree events, an online registration is required due to the limited seats. We recommend to sign up as soon as posible.

Start time 10:00

We know that your agendas are full so DialApplet has created a new format that will allow you to know the latest news of the sector.

This Call Center Menu was born from our experience acquired after the organization of events based on our Call Center's knowledge in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Turkey, Malaysia, Germany and Romania.

In this event we would like to join the current issues of the industry with a perfect environment for networking.

In a pleasant way during lunch we will share good technology practices in the sector and how new solutions can complement and improve the functionalities of your contact center, in a personalized event.

The Call Center Menu will be held on Thursday, March 16th in Cassatt Restaurant, Arquímedes Street 4, Polanco IV Secc, 11560 Mexico City.

In order to confirm your attendance, is required the registration on our website. We recommend you to do it as soon as possible due to the seats are limited. 

- Start time at 1:00 p.m.

          Call Center Tasting Menu by DialApplet



DialApplet Demostration

Salmon’s "Croustada"

Presentation of DialApplet and countries of action.

Broccoli’s cream with almonds

How Big Data architecture improves the productivity of your platform

Heart of Fillet with mustard sauce

Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud solution vs On-Premise solution

Three chocolates’ terrine

Debate on improvements in the Call Center sector

Previously to lunch, from 13:00 and optionally, we will be showing a demo for those who want to see the software in a production environtment. 

Call Center Menú
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Call Center Menú
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Call Center Menú
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Call Center Menú
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Call Center Menú
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