Call Center Inbound A complete solution to manage your incoming calls.




A single agent can manage multiple clients in real time. Optimize your call center resources thanks to the skills management.

Different user roles as agent, administrator, coordinator or auditor, what allows you to adapt to your clients requirements and user login.

Set, on demand or by campaigns percentage. Easy, fast and intuitive search by call parameters.

Easy and fast access to all your call center information.



We adapt to your multiple call center services

Customer service

Commercial management

Support assistance


Your clients will be able to transmit by a phone call any requirement or need due to our knowledge management provided by our skills and priorities functionalities.

Thanks to our software solution you will be able to: phone sales and collection, processing and phone order management. Fast and efficient since our  provides all the information in real time.

Complete phone assistance management and client claims. You will be able to control in real time attended, abandoned or missed calls as well as SLA levels. PBX services, a single agent can perform operator services, having any agent interaction registered in our system



Inbound campaigns customizable thanks to the welcome message, which makes it easier for agents to work on multiple campigns.

On -demand and automatic records, and encrypted option as well

Agents allocation by habilities or group of agents. Multi-database management in campaigns, segmentated by blending factor or priorities.

Service advertisements and identification by screen pop up as well as clients with calling data. Capture recognition from IVR or voice recognisers.

Native third party integration of a call, having the possibility to open an external application within the call data.

Total control through the mouse: Parking calls, Answer and States of calls, etc.. Direct transfer of a call or transfering an attended call with just one click.