AuditorA real time tool to easily supervise the agents in an easy and intuitive way.

Monitoring in real time of the agents:

With just a click you will be able to look for any agent and: spy, whisper, intrusion, record or chat in real time with him. Also you will control in real time the agent status and their sales.

Control of the call center parameters:

Monitoring panel of the calls launched of the predictive and progressive dialer. Queue panel with visual alerts. Management of inactivity and the state of the campaigns.

Adaptable to your business needs:

Autonomy of the user in configuring the application panels. Calls can be captured and also you can make click to call.


Full control of your business from a single application.





Recording on demand, spiying and whisper.

Control of all call centers queues.

Control from all queues of the Call Center.

Click to call from the extensions of the panels, fully configurable.

Monitoring panel of the launched calls from the predictive dialer.

Possibility to audit the extensions of the own Call Center.