ShowFlow Full management of the scripting.




Scriptings are built from the administration web. They can easily be cloned, saving time and work.

Thanks to our decision flow, human mistakes will be eliminated and agents’ training time will be reduced, reaching better results.

Configure in an easy way: finals, classifications, multi-classifications, results, commercial agendas and up to 6 types of forms.

Full integration of all customer interactions.



DialApplet ShowFlow

Agents will have total control of their calls scheduled, thanks to the schedule every agent have and the warnings of the next scheduled calls.

Scripting will be made, edit and cloned by an intuitive web. There is also an agenda for commercial visits with overlap control.



Call's final and typology management.

It is completely configurable in web interface by no technician personal.

Capacity to make changes in real time.

Different alternatives depending on the possible answer.

Competence to configure until 6 different types of answers.

Warning message of campaign name, unique id and attached files.

Option to add the calls to an agenda to set the date and schedule for future automative recalls.

Up to 30 contact fields that can be modified in real time.