WebserviceFull control of our software by a standard API based in webservice.

High performance web service designed for the interconnection of CRM, ERP, CATI or DEBT COLLECTION tools.


Design from the premise of a quick implementation time.


Speed and scalability through our methods designed to add call center functionalities to your corporate software.


Contacts and Phones

    •     Add Contacts in Inbound Campaigns
    •     Add Campaign Contact
    •     Delete Campaign Contact
    •     Delete Campaign Phone
    •     Update Campaign Phone
    •     Cancel Campaign Contact
    •     Cancel Campaign Phone
    •     Callback
    •     Get Contacts
    •     Search Contacts
    •     Get uncontacted contacts


    •     Manage Users
    •     Agent status
    •     User user sessions



    •     Manage Campaigns
    •     Create Time Tables for Campaigns
    •     Configure maximum control
    •     Add/Remove members in a campaign
    •     Configure the contact data
    •     Get calls between two dates
    •     Change callback assignment
    •     Check agent availability



    •     Manage showflow
    •     List showflows
    •     Create action
    •     List actions
    •     Create type
    •     Create subtype
    •     Send showflow



    •     Start Audio/Video recording
    •     Start Audio recording
    •     Start Audio recording console



    •     Send Notification
    •     Click To Call
    •     Get lead 4 sales phone information
    •     Get available peers
    •     Spy a call
    •     Start playback


Start Campaign Procedure

    •     Create a basic power dialer campaign/predicive dialer campaign
    •     Create Time Tables for the campaign
    •     Add members to the campaign
    •     Add contacts to the campaign