Call Center Suite The best solution to manage your inbound, outgoing and blending campaigns.

Outgoing calls

5 different types of dialer for every kind of situation (predictive, progressive, power dialer auto, preview and manual).


Set, on demand or by campaigns percentage. Easy, fast and intuitive search by call parameters.

Incoming calls

Multi-client service oriented, emphatizing on the contact identification and tracking. 

Easy and fast access to all your call center information.



We adapt to your multiple call center services


Predictive Dialer

Easy-to-use and powerful dialer, legally accepted in Europe and USA. Autoatended calls percentage algorithm-based, it allows an agent productivity and registers optimization.

Progressive Dialer

System throws a call only when there is an available agent, being less agressive than the predictive dialer with your contacts but having all the advantages of busy lines detection.

Power Dialer Auto

A call is thrown only when at least one agent is available, but what makes difference is that the agent listens the tone. It fits perfect involving tasks that require to be classified manually

 Power Dialer Manual

Total control is given to the agent, who is the one that allows the call to be done having a preview time before throwing it. 



Black list or Robinson list settings. Up to 15 phone numbers per contact.

Customizable shifts for telemarketing campaigns, by days and time zones. Multi-campaign and multi-client. Encrypted recording capability.

Agents allocation by habilities or group of agents. Multi-database management in campaigns, segmentated by blending factor or priorities.

Service advertisements and identification by screen pop up as well as clients with calling data.

Capture recognition from IVR or voice recognisers.

Online information about agent states from every call campaign. Real-time queues monitoring.

Native third party integration of a call, having the possibility to open an external application with the call data.