Call and Contact Center software solution for your company. The classical way to adquire our technology, our solution is installed on premise. You buy our software license:


On Premise

1 We recommend you the best architecture that fits in your company as well as the system minimum requirements, based on your seats or channels.

2 DialApplet is a multiplatform agent solution, so we can adapt to your currect configuration.

3 We install our solution with your IT department help or we can do it ourselfs teaching you about the solution in order to give you total autonomy from the first day.

4 After the installation, we create and configure the 2 first campaigns and argumentaries togheter with your personal, and we include support service during the first year. From the 2nd year is not mandatory to hire the support service.

5 The software adapts easily to your bussiness growth, due to the fast module activation and seats ampliation. It just all depend of your hardware infrastructure or virtual machines.