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Automatic dialing system and how to implement it

Do you have an automatic dialing tool but don’t know how to get the most out of it? Would you like to know how to improve contactability?

Being able to make massive calls automatically is often a headache for companies in the Contact Center sector.

That is why today we bring you a Post where we will tell you how to implement an automatic dialing tool and get the most out of it:

If you have a call management software in the cloud you will know that one of the advantages of which you can benefit is to have the telephone system integrated in the same solution.

Thanks to this integration, the process of making calls is much easier and faster, since dialing is done from the platform, thanks to IP telephony, without the need to make calls manually.

This type of dialing allows companies to optimize the entire dialing process by favoring the work of the agents, who will be able to answer the calls and typify the results in an agile and efficient way.

In general, call management platforms offer different types of dialing, which adapt to the specific needs of each campaign, but very few offer the automatic dialing tool.

Depending on the solution you choose you will have one of some types of dialing or others.

A good option is the DialApplet Omnichannel Solution, which has up to 5 types of dialing that allow the agent to maximize talk time and increase the percentage of contact.

sistema marcación automática

Which are them?

Predictive dialing: ideal for campaigns with more than 20 agents and databases with low contact, such as teleshopping, telemarketing and negotiations.

Progressive dialing: ideal for telephone collection campaigns thanks to its productivity to discriminate faxes and busy numbers.

Power dialer auto dialing: perfect for tasks that require manual typing by offering the agent control, as well as second campaigns and recovery of scheduled calls.

Manual power dialer dialing: allows the agent to have control to type and assign the call with preview time.

Click to call dialing: manual selection of the contact by the agent to make the call.

These powerful tools facilitate the success of campaigns, but do not ensure a high percentage of contactability.

This is due to the quality of the available database, since the contactability is measured by the contacts reached by the agents based on the total volume of available contacts.

This is why, in many cases, obtaining low contactability is due to poor database quality.

How to improve contactability

The key is to improve the quality of the database, since consequently it will be possible to improve the results of the dialing campaigns.

Therefore, if we combine the dialing tools offered by the solution together with innovation and new technologies, we manage to provide organizations with an optimization of processes and resources.


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