A broad portfolio of products focused on each type of campaign/project.

CX Call Center

Real time total management of your call center. 5 types of dialing, inbound campaigns, integration with third party apps and integrated PBX IP.

CX Omnichannel

Omnichannel platform with unique queue management of the agents in the same interface. Background and total traceability of the contact.

CX Trunk SIP

Communication supplier specialized in Call Center. Improve your contactability and typify your calls correctly.


Powerful dialing robot without human intervention. Cleans the BBDD detecting non contactable numbers. Possibility of integration with third party apps.




Cloud management of your Contact Center. Without the need of hardware and maintenance expenditure. We offer great scalability and flexibility to adapt to your needs. With our Cloud model the maintenance and management of your project is fully covered.


Don’t give up anything! Our hybrid model offers you the ease of managing the Contact Center on your own premises, with the scalability of the cloud model. Pay for what you use and no more.


Manage the production of your Contact Center within your premises. Store the information and have immediate access to it. We provide you with the necessary tools to exploit, in the best way, your services, granting autonomy through the processes.



DialApplet offers to their clients’ transversal services which facilitate the correct development of the project, from the initial phase which starts at the commercial department, until the client enters the production phase, advising, training and continuously monitoring their evolution. Moreover, we adapt to their needs, being able to integrate with third party applications, as well as developing additional functionalities which are required by different companies in each business model.


Start Up

“Turnkey” service that helps you throughout the whole pre-production process.


We study your project, offering you the best options, helping you achieve your goals.


We reduce the learning curve by providing training hours to the DialApplet users, enabling them to autonomously manage, in a daily basis, the Contact Center.


Our team of developers study and evaluate the needs of the client, creating made to measure developments to meet the specific needs of each project.


In order to offer a complete service to our clients, we integrate with third party applications, such as CRM, Softphone, ERP… We count with native integrations such as CATI and Bitrix24.

Technical support

Our technicians attend and manage your incidents, from Spain and Colombia, having this way a wide range of hours covered. You can contact our team via Skype, telephone or email.

More opportunities, more clients and more incomings

Our secret: a global software solution, with maximum benefits, together with a customer service that adapts to your needs. Our users talk about us …

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