The DialerBot is a powerful dialilng robot without human intervention.

It provides greater effectiveness and usefulness for companies that carry out an important volume of calls. 

Provides information automatically and make statistical reports of the campaign.

Saving time and increasing the productivity  of your agents.



You can send a speech through the robot to contact a large number of customer or leads.


The robot makes massive calls to detect invalid phones, faxes, answering machines, answered and unanswered calls… 

It will write a report with the result of the calls. 

The intervention of an agent is not necessary to make the calls. 

This way, campaigns with a cleaner database can be carried out. 

In addition, it will save time and it will help to work in  a more efficient way.




¡El ChatBot es entrenado por nosotros!

The client sends a message.

The robot responds with the message we have configured.

The client asks for something that the robot is not trained to answer.

If the robot does not understand the second, third, fourth (the times you want to configure) the chat is redirected to an agent who will have access to the entire conversation and will not have to ask the same thing again to the client.

It offers the possibility to answer a survey to know if the service providaded has been satifactory