What is a Chatbot and what is it for?

The ChatBot is a “virtual robot” with which it is possible to have a conversation, whether we want to ask for some type of information or to carry out some action.
Whether for the resolution of customer doubts, or for sending personalized messages, they are becoming a strategic ally within the process of digital transformation of companies, for any sector.

¿Cómo funciona?

The client sends a message.

The robot responds with the message we have configured.

The client asks for something that the robot is not trained to answer.

If the robot does not understand the second, third, fourth (the times you want to configure) the chat is redirected to an agent who will have access to the entire conversation and will not have to ask the same thing again to the client.

It offers the possibility of responding to a survey to know if the service provided has been satisfactory.




His predecessors

Before talking about conversational bots, it is necessary to talk about their predecessors, bots.
Bots are softwares designed to perform tasks automatically, without the need for human intervention, through artificial intelligence.

One of the pioneers in developing a hypothesis to test whether computers could have a conversation with humans was scientist and mathematician Alan Turing.
The Turing test tried to demonstrate the ability of a machine to exhibit a behavior similar to that of the human being in such a way that a person could determine if the interlocutor was a computer or a person.
The generation of these different hypotheses, around artificial intelligence software, has given rise to what we know today as ChatBots.

Artificial Intelligence

ChatBots imitate conversation with people through artificial intelligence. This speeds up processes and reduces the loss of customers.

There are many sectors that are betting on these conversational models, since they improve customer service in a considerate way and make interactions with this service faster and easier, generating user-friendly experiences.

These user experience improvements are achieved through artificial intelligence, which gives these softwares an improvement in their processing capabilities and understanding of conversations.


Utility for your Business

Its applications are unlimited, although the most important, or perhaps the main ones, are those of customer service. That is why these “virtual robots” are increasingly gaining relevance and popularity in large companies, as they can respond based on specific keywords or call the client by name during the conversation, which creates greater confidence.

There are many sectors that are taking advantage of this artificial intelligence, such as the tourism sector, the banking sector or sectors that have large virtual switchboards for customer service.

Depending on the sector in which the company is located we can find different ChatBots, some merely informative and others where the options of questions and answers can be very wide.


It is clear that the level of service and quality are the two great benefits that companies can obtain thanks to the implementation of this type of technology.

There are also other hidden benefits, such as the ability to obtain qualified and enriched databases through which we can perform automated re-marketing strategies.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and robot training, simple, common and generic questions can be solved without problems, without the need for human intervention.

Therefore, agent management times are noticeably reduced.

It is important to emphasize that, being a service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it brings a degree of immediacy that greatly improves customer satisfaction.


Currently, conversational Bots act based entirely on artificial intelligence. However, more and more companies are starting to use techniques known as cognitive, human-based computing. Its purpose is to ensure that ChatBots can communicate completely autonomously with the user.

Due to the impetus in the development of artificial intelligence, which the technological giants are contributing, the ChatBots will continue to break into the market and will gain a greater prominence over the next few years.

Having a greater number of people interacting with our virtual robots allows companies to teach you how to solve the daily problems of their customers, and in this way their machine learning algorithm will improve in a shorter period.

Therefore, conversational bots that combine both artificial intelligence and human capabilities can provide a more productive and enjoyable user experience in the future.

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