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Our product

We are manufacturers and suppliers of high-performance, real-time software for Call & Contact Center.

Our high range of services covers all software functionalities to manage any type of Call Center.

Some of our funcionalities…

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We offer our clients…

A fully flexible proprietary software that adapts to the needs of any type of Call Center. We have solutions in Purchase, Rent or Cloud

An intuitive and simple tool, which facilitates the development of activities to its users.

Wide variety of functionalities that allow the customization of the tool to different types of business (Collection, Telemarketing, Customer Service, etc.)

An “all-in-one” solution that allows you to grow in all the software components of your organization.

Where are we?

Data center (cloud) in Chile, Miami, Virginia, Brasil, France, Dallas, Germany, Spain and Malaysia.
Partners that distribute our product in Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, Bosnia, South Africa and Malaysia 
Experience in sales in 4 continents. 
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Work metodology

We understand that the best way to know the needs of the market is to have a direct and close contact with it. 

For this, the strategy we follow is the organization of our own events, as well as participation in fairs and conferences in a networking and collaboration environment, strengthening the DialApplet brand. 

We group these events in:



Partners in unexploited countries.

Organization of events in untapped countries.


New partners in countries were we have presence. 

Expansion of client portfolio in countries were we have presence. 
Organization of new events in countries where we have presence. 

We offer our partners conditions and benefits that facilitate our collaboration and provide them with the necessary means to achieve the projects.

Events funded 100% by DialApplet

Special prices for the first 3 projects

Advantages and bonuses

Attractive commissions

Growing and developing our business internationally is our main focus of investment. Achieving it will be much easier with your collaboration.