Planning and Requirements Cloud

Start-up Projects in Cloud

In order to guarantee a quality service of our solution we recommend the fulfillment of the following requirements:



 Have a dedicated line for professional work.

In terms of speed, 1MB of upload is recommended, although we could work with 512 KB.

Preferably fixed IP.

The bandwidth for each webclient is 90 Kbps on average (Data + Voice), although it depends to a large extent on the codec.

Avoid Wifi connections, since any loss of coverage can significantly affect the voice.

G729 => 30 Kbps of total average (Data + Voice)
GSM => 50 Kbps of total average (Data + Voice)
G711 => 90 Kbps of total average (Data + Voice)



Computers with operating systems of the Windows 7 family or higher, or Linux and the following features:
2 GB of RAM or more.

100 GB of Hard Disk or more.

 Dual-core processors.

Equipment with professional functionality, where no process such as viruses or downloads can interfere with the voice and the slowness of the PC.

Headphones with noise cancellation and connection via USB.

Explorer: Mozilla Firefox.

 Phone: Webphone or Softphone. In the case of using Softphone, for Windows we recommend 3CX and for Linux Jitsi.



TeamViewer 11 in case the training is done remotely.

Trunk operating and running.

Access to ports:80 (TCP), 443 (TCP), 7789 (TCP), 11111 (TCP), 5060 (UDP), 10000 – 20000 (UDP).

The IP from which the training will take place must be registered on the server.

If the calls are made through softphone it is necessary to have the Softphone installed.

* The training lasts approximately 10 hours (maximum), depending on the knowledge and experience of the client in call and contact center solutions. If the client needs more hours or a more specific training, the hours will be billable.



The start-up will begin with the payment of the start-up service.

The first step will be the creation and configuration of all the necessary elements to obtain the requested functionality to DialApplet, object of the contract: company, extensions, users, trunk, services, call modes, outgoing routes, queues, incoming routes, etc.

To access DialApplet, it will be necessary to register the IP address through which the users will connect, for this you must provide your IP address by sending an email to In the event that the operator that manages the minutes is alien to DialApplet, they should provide us with the SIP trunk data by sending an email to

Once the environment has been prepared and all the elements configured, the confirmation tests will be carried out to validate the correct functioning of the system.

With the system running, a first communication will be made in which the accesses to DialApplet will be facilitated so that they can begin to familiarize themselves with the environment. This communication will also help us to better understand the scope of the project and to advise them on the best way to work with DialApplet in order to obtain the best system performance and maximum productivity.

The next step will be training. When you are ready for production, you must inform DialApplet by sending an email to and a person from the department will assist you during the first hours.

DialApplet is not responsible for incidents caused by non-compliance with the requirements or delays by the client in providing the information that Dialapplet needs to carry out the activity.



The storage is monthly payment from the beginning of the project. Once the company is registered in Cloud, this amount must be paid monthly regardless of the production output.

The Cloud mode has a standard 150GB of company storage, recordings and reports. In case of reaching the space limit there are three options:

 Download recordings punctually one by one and delete content.

Request to DialApplet of the management (download and transfer) of the recordings to another place of storage. This work is not included in the maintenance, so if you choose to do it, the support department carries an extra cost.

Hire the necessary extra GB.