Terms and conditions Dialapplet

General conditions

This section describes the general terms and conditions applicable to DialApplet’s Call and Contact Center service. The customer when making the payment agrees to comply with the terms and conditions described below.

Terms of support service

Jump Start service conditions

Requirements and Planning Cloud

Requirements and Planning On-Premise

Requirements and Planning On-Premise with TESI

Commercial terms and conditions

FORM OF PAYMENT: The form of payment is detailed in the header of the quote or quote.

DELIVERY TIME: Maximum thirty (30) business days after receipt of the purchase order and payment of the advance. DialApplet is not responsible for delays caused by non-compliance with the requirements, the absence of responses by any of the parties involved in the project outside DialApplet or for providing a poor infrastructure or hardware that affects the operation of DialApplet.

INSTALLATION AND CONFIGURATION: This quote does not include transport costs for food, lodging and waiting time of our technical staff. The installation and configuration of the solution will be done remotely (Skype or TeamViewer), otherwise the mentioned expenses will be quoted separately. The configuration of the application with respect to ACD, routes, users, campaigns and scriptings will be standard and entails a certain number of hours. Once consumed the same DialApplet will include the extra costs.
You can find all the details about the scope of the start-up service at the following link: Jump Start Service.

SCALABILITY: Our application is scalable and modular. Although, the configuration, start-up and monitoring of an extension of licenses, after the initial Jump Start services, is not included in the maintenance services.

VALIDITY OF THE OFFER: This offer is valid for thirty (30) days from the date on which the proposal is sent. In case the offer is not accepted within this period of validity, we reserve the right to readjust the prices offered.

SERVICES 7 × 24: For 7 × 24 services it is necessary to hire a dedicated cloud, you can not give 7 × 24 services in a multitenant cloud.

ABOUT THE FACILITIES: The facilities will be carried out by DialApplet or its distributors. Once the installation is done, DialApplet is not responsible for any changes made to the servers, this modification will be considered as a new installation

OBSERVATIONS: The prices of licenses do not vary during the validity of the offer, the developments may suffer variation in case new functionalities are detected in the technical specification. If the project starts with a smaller amount than allowed, these are billed at the price of the corresponding table.
The configuration of a telephony trunk is included in the start-up of the service. If you want to register a second trunk, the configuration has an associated cost. Consult with the sales department at sales@www.dialapplet.com.

HOUR BAGS: The bags of hours are valid for use since your purchase of 6 months for consumption.

DIALING ROBOT – DIALERBOT: The spanish legislation stablishes regulations and restrictions on the use of this tool. Check both laws of each country as well as local laws in this matter. In case of implementation, consult previously with suppliers the availability of use of this tool. DialApplet is not responsible for any misuse of it.

The configuration of a telephony trunk is included in the start-up of the service. If you want to register another trunk, the configuration has an associated cost. The discounts applied will only be valid for the stipulated number of agents. Consult with the commercial department at sales@www.dialapplet.com.

Support Service

The cost of the solution includes standard maintenance within the rent and cloud monthly installments. In the case of On-Premise or purchase standard maintenance will be maintained for one (1) year from the physical delivery of the solution, being optional its renewal from the second year. After the first year, the service will continue to be provided at the customer’s option with an annual support and maintenance contract. If you want an extended support, contact the commercial department.

The resolution of the incidents will be via remote, for this the client must guarantee and allow ssh access.

You can find all the details about the scope of the Support service at the following link: Support Service.

Technical requirements

As minimum requirements it is very important that the following assumptions are met:

 Computers with professional functionality, where no process such as viruses or downloads can interfere with the voice and the slowness of the pc.

 Headphones with noise cancellation.

 Try to avoid Wifi connections, since any loss of coverage can significantly affect the voice.

 Secure password at the router level, since any neighbor may be consuming the bandwidth.

 Fixed IP.

MINIMUM NETWORK RECOMMENDATIONS: Have a dedicated line for professional work.

 They should have 1MB of upload recommended, although we could work with 512 KB.

 Operating systems of the Windows 7 family or higher or Linux.
 2 GB of RAM or more than 100 GB of Hard Disk or more.
 Browser: Mozilla Firefox


The requirements described above are the minimum recommended, the needs vary depending on the type of contracted service :

1. If the contracted mode is On Premise (purchase or rental / hybrid) you will find all the requirements in Requirements and Planning On-Premise.
2. If the contracted modality is in Cloud you will find all the requirements in Requirements and Planning Cloud.
3. If the contracted service is of integration with TESI you will find all the requirements and conditions of the service in Requirements and Integration Conditions with TESI.

Scope of Asterisk maintenance

Our scope in Asterisk maintenance service

 Installation of certified versions compatible with DialApplet
 Configuration of the necessary files to work with DialApplet
 Creation and configuration of the necessary elements for the emission and reception of calls: SIP trunks, extensions, queues, incoming routes, outgoing routes, etc.
 Review of incidents related to calls and recordings: audio quality, failures or errors that prevent the exit and entry of calls.
 Verify trunk log
 Verify the record of extensions.

They are out of our reach

 Incidents originated by the telephony provider. In this case it will be the client’s responsibility to contact the supplier, however, DialaApplet will always be at your disposal to assist in the resolution of the same.
 Incidents caused by poor hardware (primary hardware, cards, etc) or whose infrastructure is not maintained by DialApplet.