Whatsapp for Business

WhatsApp for business is betting on more than immediate customer service, and this new channel marks an
important advance in the digitalization of customer relationships.

The launch of the API, WhatsApp for Business,has caused many reactions in companies which have detected the opportunity to make this application another channel of communication with their customers, and even more taking into account its high market penetration globally.

Whatsapp for business

Through the following statement in September 2017, the company, owned by Facebook, announced the arrival of the WhatsApp for Business API, although they estimated that its official launch would take several months.

“We are developing and testing new tools through the free WhatsApp Business application for small companies or businesses and a business solution for larger companies that operate on a large scale with a global client portfolio, such as airlines, e-eCommerce companies and banks. ” Official company statement.

It was not until January 2018 when the official launch of the WhatsApp for Business application for small and medium enterprises took place, which allowed them to communicate better with their customers, creating verified company profiles. These profiles allow companies to provide useful information about it to their customers, such as a brief description, email or website.

Whatsapp timeline

WhatsApp Enterprise Solutions

WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users and is one of the most popular instant messaging applications. According to the latest CIS report, about 90% of mobile users use WhatsApp. If we translate this percentage into numbers we obtain that almost twenty million Spaniards use this application. That is why if a company is not prepared to meet the growing demand, it is exposed to losing a great business opportunity.

It is no longer just what a company can earn with the implementation, but also the losses it can incur if it does not integrate WhatsApp into the overall strategy of its company’s customer experience. And is that traditional channels fail to close the queries in a single session, being the process much more tedious. In contrast, instant messaging allows incidents to be resolved in a single transaction.

This growing demand for immediacy has been shaped by the Facebook company by launching the official API for large companies, WhatsApp Enterprise Solutions. A business solution for large companies, which operate on a large scale with a global client portfolio, allowing them to use the solution to send customers important notifications, such as flight schedules, order delivery confirmations and other updates.

WhatsApp Enterprise Solutions, within everyone’s reach?

The company announced that over time they will choose a number of companies specialized in managing communication with customers. Therefore, it will depend on each company and the ultimate approval of WhatsApp. Next, we leave you an infographic with the steps that must be followed to implement this channel in your contact center:

Steps Whatsapp

With this new API, a world of possibilities is born to serve customers. A company that integrates WhatsApp Enterprise Solutions into its current business tools can:

  • Respond immediately to customer inquiries received via WhatsApp.
  • Reactivate conversations with customers through messages in template format (HSM).
  • Distribute WhatsApp conversations between your agents.

And these are just some of the infinite possibilities that WhatsApp integration offers us through a software solution.

There is no doubt about the relevance of this new channel and the enormous impact it will have in the future on the users’ experiences. Therefore, from DialApplet we are already part of the integration with this powerful communication tool to offer you the best service that suits your needs and those of your customers. If you would like more information about this integration and its associated costs, click here and contact us. 

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Whatsapp Omnichannel

Whatsapp Omnichannel

Each template message (MTP) will be charged individually if a conversation with a received message (MO) is not opened.


After sending an MTP, receiving an MO opens a 24h session (which is renewed for each MO received message), during which the exchanged messages (MT and MO) will not be charged. Once the 24-hour session is closed, an MTP must be sent to contact the client again.


The connection can start via MO and will have no cost for the next 24 hours. Once 24h has passed since the last MO, to contact the client again, an MTP must be sent.