Our omnichannel solution will allow any contact that arrives by call, Telegram, Whatsapp, Email, Webchat, Social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and SMS. DialApplet allows simultaneous conversations with different media.

Whatsapp Business
Whatsapp Business
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Social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and SMS

Management of incoming calss, outgoing and unified blending with the other channels in a history of each contact and customer. If you want more information, click here.


The service offers functionalities focused on talks between users. Except some, the messages are stored, or archived in case you want to hide them, in the cloud with option to forward, delete, search actions, make calls and various attachments.


Our programming team has developed a Dialapplet software that integrates with Whatsapp for Bussiness. Expand your spectrum – Interact with its more than 15 billion monthly users.

Whatsapp Omnichannel

Each template message (MTP) will be charged individually if a conversation with a received message (MO) is not opened.

After sending an MTP, receiving an MO opens a 24h session (which is renewed for each MO received message), during which the exchanged messages (MT and MO) will not be charged. Once the 24-hour session is closed, an MTP must be sent to contact the client again.

The connection can start via MO and will have no cost for the next 24 hours. Once 24h has passed since the last MO, to contact the client again, an MTP must be sent.



Unique management interface for agents and common with the rest of the contact center channels.


Automate of email reception

 Single queue of distribution of agents and unified with the rest of channels.

 Each campaing has an associated POP3 account.

 Automatic response on to receive the email as opened.

 Showflow opening or third party application when email is managed.

 Automatic management of concurrent emails that the operator can handle at a time.

 Assignment of emails, according to agent skills.

 Native relationship with other application channels.


The perfect contact center system for the following business models:

Unique management interface for agents and common with other channels

 The supervisor can analyze the reports of the service.

 Beep transactions, transfer to other campaigns or services and segmentation by language.

 Integral management of the communication flow of the agent through a single interface: our showflow.

 Information of all the interactions records of the contact in all channels through which one has you have contacted us.

 Assignment of a reference number to each communication, ability to classify or categorize each transaction. 

Management of assignments through unified queue and records of all chats.


Simple and common configuration with the other channels.

 Integral management of the communication flow of the agent through a single interface: our showflow.

 Beep notice of transactions.

Information of all the historic of the contact in all channels where you have contacted us.

Direct management

You will have the ability to manage real-time mentions,once an assignment has been made to agents in form of online,

Reactive management

You can configure business rules and segmented by keywords or hashtag and be able to make allocations to agents or containers based on criteria of alerts.

Integral management

Thanks to the fact that Dialapplet is an omnichannel tool, you will have a history of interactions with their contacts in each communication.


Module for sending SMS through our scripting or Showflow.

Perfect medium to receive alerts, confirmations or queries:

 Manual submission of sending an SMS with a single click within the script or automatic response to a showflow question.

 Importing of data using csv or manual.

 Establishment of predefined templates.

 API based webservice with ease of integration with SMS gateways.

 Control of duplicates in massive mailing.

 Allocation of post, according to the judgment by skills of the agents.

 Native relationship with other application channels.